Get a life: visit and have fun at Bugesera Summer Palace

By Joseph Mudingu

Thanks to its country side setting, Bugesera Summer Palace is one of the most beautiful and only theme Water Park in Rwanda, and it proves to be a delight for children and adults. But it’s the rides that thrill the kids and give it another distinction: the country’s favorite theme park.

Whether your family prefers hopping aboard thrill rides or chilling out on a lazy river, it’s time to get up, grab your swimsuits and head out for a day at the water park. Today’s slides, rides and splashy kiddie zones are better than ever, so take a look at this place.
Families desiring a cure for boredom can hit the road and head to Bugesera for a fun-filled journey at any day of the week. Nothing is more fun on a too-hot day than some water play—just ask the kids. And if you want to give them a big surprise, take them to a water theme park.

The Water Fountain

There are several activities and games in the Bugesera Summer Palace water park with large scale splash areas to please every kid from toddler to teen. It is fun to see the small children taking to the water playground with slides, a wading pool and even a shaded section for sun protection.

Water park fountain with large scale splash areas to please every kid

Whether you’ve got teens or tiny tots, the Summer Palace has plenty for everyone. Little ones will love the park’s 3 separate kiddie play areas where they can shoot water cannons, slide down an octopus and get soaked by a tipping bucket at a tree house.

Kids having fun in the children’s water park at Summer Palace

“This section is exclusively for kids under 48 inches tall, so it’s not as crowded,” says Nadison the manager at Summer Palace


As the kids have fun running around the water fountains, adults can opt for relaxation after a long stressful week at the Spa Pool at Summer Palace.

The water massage from the bubbling water will give you the effects of a total well-being

The water massage will give you a total well-being, the effects of bubbling water are incomparable for maintaining shape, promoting blood circulation and re-oxygenating skin cells, relieving tension, fatigue, rheumatism and arthritis.  You can enjoy the benefits every day with at the Spa Pool at Summer Palace.

Wave Pool

Head to ocean experience and jump into the waves at the Giant Wave Pool, the largest in the country.

The Giant Wave Pool, the largest in the country

Combine wave pools, water slides and scenic views of the green Mountains and you’ve got Water World.

People have fun jumping the massive waves

Situated towards the end of the Summer Palace, the wave pool attracts adults who want to experience the feeling of floating and swimming in an ocean and battling with giants waves.

Water sprinklers

In case you didn’t notice, Kigali’s weather can get quite hot, so cool down with the whole family at these aqua playgrounds around the Summer Palace.

Joy, laughter and cheer are in the air at the water sprinklers and the kids really love it here. This one-of-a-kind event combines the magic and merriment and you can find the best sprinklers, bubblers and water fountains that are great for kids (and adults).

Food and Drinks

The food at Summer Palace is delicious and palatable after spending hours in water.

Chefs working round the clock to provide Nyama choma, roasted chicken and goats brochettes

You can be sure to be availed with a variety of appealing foodstuffs plus a wide range of drinks to fill and quench your thirst.

Prepare your day at Summer Palace

The supervisor at Bugesera Summer Palace Romeo Ntagwabira advises that it is good to plan and prepare before setting off to the water park.

“Bring towels, water, hats, a suit for yourself (depending on the park and your children’s ages, you may be required to accompany them, or you might get to try the big slides yourself), and plenty of sunblock but no outside food” says Ntagwabira.

Water parks encourage (and may enforce) the wearing of swimsuits with no buckles or other metal parts (including exposed zippers, buckles, and grommets), optional rash guards (not T-shirts), and no wetsuits.

“Remember the swim diapers for those still in diapers or under the age of three. Expect to watch your kids closely, and make sure their swimming levels are compatible with the rides and slides they want to go on, and the pools they want to play in. We may require and provide life jackets for kids under 48″ in certain pools and on certain slides” he adds.

The Importance of Including a Children’s Water Park Area

According to the Summer Palace manager Leonard Rumanyika, from initial research and design, to finished construction, there are so many details involved in building a children’s water park that, had you known about them all, you might never have started

“From Simply determining the ideal size (and therefore the building and operating costs) of the water park for your market, to making sure you have enough qualified life guards to cover all the blind spots, building a water park is at least as complex as any other amusement park project” explains Rumanyika.

He goes on to say that in addition to having the correct size of park, you need to have the right mix of water park equipment, rides and toys to make sure you appeal to the broadest segment of the market.

“No well-equipped water park would be complete without a slide of some sort – or six of them meaning more kids of all ages can play along” he adds.

The Benefits of the Children’s Water Park Area

At Summer Palace, the children’s water playground will bring out entire families, even when there’s only one child who’ll actually use the water toys. Also it is a place for children of all ages

Who doesn’t like to get splashed by a ‘pirate’ or a ‘penguin? Just about everyone who visits water park can enjoy themselves in the children’s area. And you can’t say that about every other area in the park” says Rumanyika.


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