Moroccan Justice Minister visits Rwanda Parliament

The Speaker of Chamber of Deputies, Mukabalisa Donatille, on Monday received a delegation from Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Morocco led by Minister Mohamed Aujjar.

“This visit is an important opportunity to define lines of cooperation that would be beneficial for our two countries,” said Justice Minister Aujjar. The visit aims at strengthening bilateral relationship between Rwanda and the Kingdom of Morocco.

Speaker hailed the visit as a symbol of further strengthening the already existing cordial relations between the two countries which were initiated by heads of state from both countries.

“We are happy that some agreed treaties have already been put in place and other are still in process, and its necessary to maintain that collaboration in sectors either through executive or through legislative to keep our momentum for the benefits of our population” said Speaker Mukabalisa.

The visit by Minister Aujjar to Rwanda’s parliament comes after an official visit of the Speaker of Chamber of Deputies to the Kingdom of Morocco two months ago, where she held talks with her Moroccan counterpart Habib El Malki.

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