Rwanda to launch satellite tonight

Rwanda is set to launch its first ever satellite today before midnight, the Ministry of ICT & Innovation (MINICT) announced on twitter that the launch happening at 23:37 will be live on the public broadcaster RBA.

The satellite launch is being facilitated by One Web, a global telecommunications company based in the United States of America.

“#Rwanda and @OneWeb partner to launch #Icyerekezo satellite (named by students from Nkombo Island), to connect schools in remote areas to the internet,” the ministry wrote on its twitter.

The satellite named Icyerekezo was selected by students from Nkombo Island in Lake Kivu, one of the remotest places in the country. The satellite is intended to connect internet to schools in remote areas.

Government says that the satellite initiative is a symbol of the country’s continued efforts in spearheading uptake and adoption of technologies for sustainable development.



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